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Tu Y Yo


Tu y Yo, three words I thought Id always say
you and I, I thought wed never fade away
I revealed my innocence, I put my trust in you
you vowed never to leave, gave your word that youd be true
but I find myself sitting here alone
trying to remember who I was before our love
all the memories, all the future dreams
its never been more clear, things arent always what they seem

Tu y yo

You and I was all I ever knew
everything I had got its breath from you
you used to whisper I was the one, that with me your life had begun
everything you questioned was gone
while all the time you had your eye on
how to plan this harsh good-bye
start again with somebody new

Tu y yo

I know that you played me for a fool
I fear what I gave is gone for good
I hope I can still believe in spite of you

Tu y yo





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